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Welcome to the Skills Center! 

          Owning a dog is about more than puppy classes and teaching your dog to sit on command, it's a way of life. Two people who have never met, both owning a dog, will have endless topics for discussion, photos to share, horror stories of "accidents" and chewed up couches and shoes. They'll relate their training triumphs, mysterious dog ailments, compare local groomers and dog food brands. Dogs are social creatures, and they bring us together without lifting a paw. 

What is Mollysdogs Skills Center?

Your personal learning resource for everything dog related. In this information age, finding the RIGHT help is very confusing, especially if you're a new dog owner. What's the right way to train? Is people food really bad for them? Why doesn't my dog seem to like people? What is with them scooting on the carpet??!! How can I get my dog to walk nicely? Help is here. Every owner has said to me one time or another "I know I have more to learn than my dog." My response to that is "Someone has to learn first." Mollysdogs Skills Center is here to teach you. 

What is "Learning For Life?" 

Common sense says learning is a lifelong process, not a six week course. Learning begins for better or worse, the moment you bring your dog home. What you need is someone to trust that knows your dog, and will help you get the right information, learn the right skills, to handle whatever is going on with your dog - for a lifetime.

I need help with my dog, where do I start?

The first step is to schedule a FREE Training Assessment with Molly for your dog. Mollysdogs Skills Center is hosted by Pet Pros . Their commitment to their customers and individual approach to service is a refreshing experience and an ideal learning environment. Their newest pet store in Puyallup has opened it's doors to Mollysdogs to provide a higher quality,more individual method of dog training. 

What can I expect from the Training Assessment?

Your Training Assessment is a scheduled 20-30 minute meeting with Molly to get to know your dog and help you define what your training goals are. You must fill out and submit the background questionnaire at least 2 business days prior to your scheduled assessment date. To maximize the time allotted, minimize your distractions by keeping your phone off, other pets and young children at home if possible. Make sure your dog gets as much physical exercise as possible prior to meeting as well, obviously good behavior on the dogs part is not required but burning off some of their energy first is always recommended for any outing. Do not feed your dog right before but make sure they are not ravenous either. Be sure to note any allergies or food sensitivities clearly on your background information. Be sure your dog is wearing a standard flat collar (not pinch collar, choke chain, or back clip harness) and is on leash in the store. 

Training needs change throughout a dogs life, here is the "short list" of training and behavior issues Molly can help with...

  • Puppy Behaviors and problem solving (housebreaking, crate training etc..)
  • Socialization with dogs, people, and new places
  • Obedience behaviors like walking on leash, sit, coming when called
  • Annoying problem behaviors like jumping, barking, & destruction of property
  • Reactive type behaviors like fearfulness, aggression, and resource guarding
  • Fearful behaviors like separation anxiety, fear of the vet, groomer etc
  • Health and handling issues like nail trimming, feeding questions, flea prevention, skin and coat, allergies, healthy weight and joint questions
  • Getting your dog adequate physical and mental exercise
  • Optimizing the home to keep your dog busy, safe, and interacting with others in a positive way. 
  • Teaching an old (or young) dog new tricks! Teach them to put their toys away, play dead, high five or fetch, if you can think it up there's a way to train it. 

By the end of your appointment you'll have free training information to take home and a training professionals advice on what the best training options for your dog are and a list of any products that may be helpful. Pricing for training varies depending on what options work best for you and your dog. It is Molly's belief that quality information should be free of charge, and where individual instruction, advice, and assistance is needed, it should be affordable for the average dog owner. 

How do I schedule my Training Assessment?

To schedule you may fill out a background questionnaire here and email to Molly at You may want to copy/paste the form directly into the body of email. You can also scan or send a picture file of completed form to my email or mobile number at bottom of page. You can expect to be contacted during the next business week to schedule your time on the next event day (soonest is July 12th & 26th) or discuss another day if necessary. You may also stop by the Puyallup Pet Pros and pick up/drop off your assessment form there. 

Pet Pros Puyallup
5614 176th Street East, #B 104
Puyallup, WA  98375
(253) 271-1904

If you are unsure about bringing your dog into the store due to aggression or fearfulness - or you have other questions for Molly you can call or email her directly at:
(253) 307-4632

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